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Ampotech partners with Romteck Australia to bring asset-level power monitoring technology to market

Singapore-based internet of things (IoT) company Ampotech has entered into a multi-year partnership with Australian company Romteck Australia to bring its building power monitoring and analytics solutions to Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Romteck Australia, an industrial IoT solution provider, is one of Australia’s largest providers of fire alarm monitoring systems. The firm recently leveraged their decades-long track record to win a contract to provide fire alarm monitoring for some 200,000 buildings in the United Arab Emirates.

With an IoT solution foothold in a growing number of buildings, Romteck Australia identified Ampotech’s power monitoring solution as a key missing piece in the remote monitoring and management of power-consuming assets within facilities. For Ampotech, a company that spun-out of a Singapore-based research institute, the partnership is an opportunity to grow beyond their Singapore base while retaining a focus on products and technology.

“This partnership allows us to continue to concentrate on developing innovative, world-class products here in Singapore while tapping into significantly larger markets with a firm that has made a name for themselves providing mission critical IoT solutions,” said William Temple, Director of Ampotech.

Romteck Australia Technical Director Phil Harman said: “Steep power bill rises in recent years has meant that reducing power consumption is one of the main challenges of every household and business irrespective of industry. Being able to monitor and profile power usage easily provides consumers with opportunities to adopt suitable control methods to optimise consumption. Romteck is delighted to be partnering with Ampotech at a time when every one of us should be actively striving to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The multi-year partnership will see Romteck Australia spearheading sales and marketing in Australia and the UAE, while Ampotech supplies its power monitoring products and back-end software platform to manage and analyze energy data.

For media enquiries contact:


Romteck Australia Pty Ltd

(08) 9244 3011

Ampotech Pte Ltd

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