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Ampotech brings the AmpoHub to India with Redcherry Analytics

Ampotech is bringing its internet of things (IoT) enabled power monitoring solutions to India. In August, the Singapore-based smart building company announced a multi-year collaboration with Redcherry Analytics, an IoT solution provider headquartered in Mumbai, to make the AmpoHub and AmpoCloud available throughout India.

“We see tremendous potential for energy management and smart building solutions in India, and we are thrilled to be working with an experienced local team at Redcherry Analytics to serve this rapidly growing market” said Ampotech CEO William Temple. 

Itself a startup incubated at IIT Bombay, Redcherry Analytics leverages CEO Kuldip Kamat’s thriving audio/video solution business All Wave AV Systems and its over 70 staff to provide end-to-end solution delivery and support for enterprise customers across India’s major cities. 

Elaborating on the collaboration, Kuldip said “I am excited by the partnership with Ampotech, which has now been through 2+ years of working together to understand end user pain points in energy consumption analysis. We see a big potential to address the energy dis-aggregation and monitoring space in India, now served with an easy to deploy and retrofittable solution.”

For Ampotech, which secured a venture investment earlier this year, the partnership represents another major milestone in its overseas growth since launching the AmpoHub in Singapore in 2018. The company has since expanded its reach to include customers in four countries in Asia Pacific. 

Within India, Redcherry Analytics has already deployed the AmpoHub and has received expressions of interest from several enterprise clients.

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