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Ampotech joins Coastal Sustainability Alliance to Support Decarbonization of Maritime Sector

Coastal Sustainability Alliance

Singapore-based energy technology startup Ampotech is bringing its internet of things enabled energy management technology to the maritime sector. On 25 April 2023, Ampotech was one of 11 new members signing a Memorandum of Understanding to join the Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA).

CSA, launched in 2022 and helmed by Kuok Maritime, is an alliance dedicated to decarbonizing Singapore’s marine industry by developing electric vessels, charging infrastructure and power management systems, as well as coastal logistics optimization solutions. The 18 member CSA expects to invest over S$20 million into various sustainability efforts over the next ten years with the aim of a 50% reduction in vessel carbon emissions and 20% in marine traffic by 2030.

“The Coastal Sustainability Alliance’s efforts to build the next generation coastal logistics ecosystem has progressed to plans. The alliance is excited to contribute in incubating our local start-ups. Ampotech’s research initiatives will reinforce the efficiency and reliability of our PXO vessels. We will provide them with our full support to achieve our common goals.” Victor Yeap, Senior General Manager, PaxOcean.

As one of the new technology providers in CSA, Ampotech expects to work closely with fellow members PaxOcean, M1, GenPlus, and ST Engineering to track and optimize the energy use of the battery-powered PXO e-tug and e-supply vessels, which will be the first and largest locally designed, built, and deployed boats to be in operation in Singapore.

“Our energy management technology is proven for on-shore applications in commercial and industrial buildings, and we are excited to have the opportunity to bring those capabilities into the maritime sector with CSA to have a larger impact” said Ampotech CEO William Temple.


About Ampotech

Ampotech Pte Ltd is an energy technology company based in Singapore that develops internet of things (IoT) hardware and AI-enabled software to help businesses collect, analyse, and integrate building and machine electricity usage data for sustainability reporting, benchmarking, automation, and facilities management. Ampotech’s products and software are trusted by industry leaders in the energy and real estate sectors, with thousands of devices deployed in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Ampotech has been recognized as one of the top climate tech companies in Southeast Asia, and has won awards for its technology and impact in the built environment sector.

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