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Ampotech joins DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Program

SINGAPORE, 8 April 2019

Smart building internet of things company Ampotech has joined Japanese telecommunication giant NTT DOCOMO, INC.’s 5G Open Partner Program. The Singapore-based startup was invited by DOCOMO to join its ecosystem of over 2,000 organizations preparing for the launch of 5G networks, which are expected by 2020.

Ampotech develops next generation power monitoring solutions used in commercial and industrial buildings to detect energy waste and alert facilities managers about operational issues for specific equipment or spaces inside a building. Ampotech’s proprietary hardware, which incorporates edge computing and embedded security features, relies on wireless networks for data transmission.

“Our devices are not power-constrained, and with their high sampling rates they can generate large volumes of data to enable equipment-specific analytics. We are excited by the potential of 5G networks for smart building applications and look forward to leveraging NTT DOCOMO’s resources and expertise” said Ampotech co-founder William Temple.

DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Program provides global businesses and organizations with the latest 5G information, test environments and opportunities for partner workshops. The company recently announced the opening of its first center outside of Japan for verifying 5G technologies, which is located in Guam. DOCOMO already operates several 5G Open Labs in Japan.


About Ampotech

Ampotech is a Singapore-based internet of things (IoT) company specializing in the collection and analysis of electricity usage data from the built environment. Its products and software provide real-time visibility into power and energy consumption of spaces and equipment at a facility, while offering a simple installation process and hassle-free wireless connectivity. The large-scale, high-resolution data Ampotech provides have been used by companies in commercial real estate, retail, and oil & gas to identify energy efficiency improvements, conduct remote asset monitoring, and obtain business insight into operational and activity patterns. 


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